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Do you have questions about products or an order?
Find answers to commonly raised questions.

How does shipping work?

Orders of up to 300-350 pairs are shipped in cartons via UPS courier. The shipping cost per carton depends on the country of destination. One carton holds approximately 20 pairs of the Velcro model or 20 pairs of the Basic model.

For orders over 300-350 pairs we offer palletised shipping, which we also price based on the country of destination.

How are the products packaged?

Packaging varies depending on the model of custom personalized slides chosen:

  • Custom Personalized Velcro Slides – biodegradable packaging, ecobag type.
  • Custom Personalized Pool Slides – biodegradable packaging, ecobag type.
What sizes of custom personalized slides are in offer?

All models of custom personalized slides are available in sizes 36 to 47.

What size custom personalized slides to choose so as not to spoil the surprise?

However, we realise that custom personalized slides are in many cases ordered as a surprise gift. Therefore, if you cannot confirm sizes with your employees, for example, we can recommend sizes based on your target group (women/men) and data collected over years of experience.

What is the minimum order size?

The minimum order size is 50 pairs. It does not apply to one size – you can opt for a mix of any size within your chosen model.

Are visualisations charged extra?

Based on the materials provided by you, our graphics department performs up to 3 visualisations, which are included in the price of the order. Each subsequent one is made by individual arrangement.

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