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About Kubota – Polish brand with long-standing tradition

Kubota is a Polish footwear and clothing love brand with a nearly 30-year history, whose recognition among Poles is as high as 70%.

In line with the slogan „Kubota is not just slide sandals, but a lifestyle”, invented by fans, the brand’s role is to give joy, seek creative contrasts, and advocate openness. On organisational level, this means that Kubota is a thriving organisation made up of a team of committed enthusiasts.

This approach is fully reflected in the company’s successes – in November 2022, Kubota S.A. made its debut on the NewConnect market, thus opening a new chapter in the brand’s history.

Since 2023, the Company has also been a member of the largest Polish association of manufacturers of advertising articles – the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products.

History of the brand

The first Kubota slide sandals appeared on sale in 1994 and it did not take much for them to become a phenomenon. Despite the lack of huge marketing budgets or a large-scale promotional campaign, the distinctive footwear quickly won the hearts of Poles. Today, the classic navy blue slip sandal with a Velcro fastening is considered almost synonymous with the 1990s in Poland.

Kubota now

Kubota has been operating in the retail and wholesale segment of footwear, clothing, and accessories since 1994.

Sales in the retail segment are mainly generated by e-Commerce, using the company’s own online shop – – and external platforms such as Allegro, Decathlon, Amazon, Modivo, Wholesale is divided into non-personalised and personalised product categories.

Our goals

Kubota aims to increase its recognition both in Poland and Europe. This means that the iconic Kubota slide sandals should become the first choice of those planning to buy this type of footwear, while the combination of slide sandals and socks should become a permanent part of the fashion canon.

The e-Commerce and wholesale departments for personalised products are the most promising distribution channels for the Company.

Kubota has been implementing the customization services since 2019. Slide sandals with a print of the customer’s choice have proven to be the ideal gadget, handed out on various occasions to both key customers and company employees.

In recent years, personalised slide sandals have made their way to well-known and well-loved brands such as KFC, Tik Tok, Costa Coffee, LOT Polish Airlines, Canon and MSI.

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